SEBI COMPLIANCE - SEBI Advisor in Ahmedabad

A listed company is a public company whose shares are publicly traded on a recognized stock exchange. Seeking guidance from SEBI consultants in Ahmedabad can help ensure compliance with regulations and optimise your company’s performance in the securities market.

The Corporate Hub deals with complete compliance packages for Listed Entities

Listed Company has to comply such compliance to avoid heavy penalties

SEBI Listing Obligations and Disclosure Requirements (LODR) govern the obligations of listed companies towards shareholders and stock exchanges. Compliance with LODR ensures transparency, accountability, and fair practices in the securities market.


SEBI LODR Compliances
Take over
Insider trading
Buy back of Shares
SEBI ICDR Regulations
Stock Brokers Regulations
Employee Benefits & Sweat Equity Shares
IEPF matters
De Listing of Securities


Research Analysts Registration

Portfolio Managers Registration

Investment Advisor Registration

Also Deals in following Matters

  • All Quarterly or half yearly Compliance under SEBI (listed   obligation and disclosure requirements) Regulations, 2015
  •  Secretarial Audit
  • Private Placement
  • Annual secretarial compliance report
  • To act as a Scrutinizer
  • Prior in-principle SEBI Approvals
  • De-listing of securities
  •  Event base consulting for listed entities
  • Listing of debentures
  • Identifying unclaimed investments
  • Unclaimed and unpaid dividend matters (IEPF)
  • Consultancy for listed companies


For expert guidance on SEBI regulations and compliance, consult with a trusted SEBI advisor in Ahmedabad. Their expertise ensures that your organisation stays compliant  with regulatory requirements and operates ethically in the securities market.