Company Law Compliances

Company Law Matters

“If you thinks compliance is costly, try non compliance”

  • A Private Company is a legal institute enjoying a separate personality which requires controlling its active status through the  regular filing with MCA.

  • For every business, it is compulsory to file an annual return and audited financial reports with MCA for every fiscal year.

  • The ROC filing is necessary irrespective of the turnover, whether it is zero or in crore. Whether a single business is undertaken or none, annual compliances for private limited are compulsory for every certified company.

  • Along with ROC compliances, the company must have to file an Annual Income Tax Return.

Annual Mandatory Compliances for Companies

Now that we have covered all the after incorporation compliances under the Companies Act, 2013, let’s discuss the compliances under the Companies Act, 2013 that are required to be completed on yearly basis. Following is a list of all such yearly compliances under the Companies Act, 2013

Board Meetings and Minutes
Annual General Meeting and Minutes
Receipt of Form MBP-1 (Disclosure of interest)
Preparation of Director’s Report
Appointment of Auditor
Filing of E-Form MGT-7 (Annual Return)
Filing of E-Form AOC-4 (Financial Statements)
Related Party Transactions
Maintenance of Statutory Registers
Filling DIR 3 KYC forms (Director KYC)
Filling DPT 3 forms (Return of Deposit) (One time)
Filling of MSME 1 form (if any)

For Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)

Form 8 (statement of accounts to be filed on or before 30th October every year)
DIN KYC of Designated Partners
Form 11 (Annual Returns have to be filed on or before 30th May every year)

Event Based Compliance for Companies

  • We discussed compliance under the Companies Act, 2013 which are to be done on an annual basis even if there are no changes in the state of affairs of the company.

  • However, apart from such regular compliance there are several even based compliance under the Companies Act, 2013 that are required to be adhered to. Such compliance under the Companies Act, 2013 are non-negotiable and are to be adhered to without any lapse.

  • If there is any delay in filing such forms after the due date then it attracts penalties and punishments.                          

      Following are some event base compliance:

Allotment of Shares
Transfer of Shares
Issue of Shares
Issue of Debentures
Change in Directors
Change in Company Name
Change Registered Office
Change in business activity/ main object of the company
Increase in Paid-up capital
Creation, Modification and satisfaction of charges
Change in Authorized Share Capital
Any other matters related to company law